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Best Value Mattress


This item is a rotating stock item. Check for availability.


European and Special Sizes are available on a Special order basis.


This "Best Value  Mattress" is a fully Orthopedic mattress 25 cm thick. The high suspension


     Multi Flex spring system disperses the weight of the body throughout the surface of the mattress equally bringing comfort to the body. Our basic mattress is revisable ,both sides are covered by a anti-bacterial, thermobonding quilted fiber. A non-deformable,high density foam layer placed on a felt pad provides the comfort.To ensure the stability of the mattress a foam and fabric encased metal wire is run along the mattress edge. The Basic mattress is kept on rotating stock basis in all sizes.


Check with us for stock availability.


     Click to our foam and fabric wrapped wooden framed Universal base.Design to act as a Boxsping and fit into a bed frame. The base has a height of 22 cm .


      Screw the feet of the  Universal Base’s into the wooden frame and create a stable foundation for you to rest your mattress on.

Standing on its feet the Base is 28 cm in total height.

       Size                                         Price  


King size (198×203)                  $295

Queen Size (152×203)               $195

Full Size (140×190)                   $165

 Twin Size (100×190)               $110

(90 x 200 )                                $142


Cloud Collection


      The core of our cloud mattress collection consists of 7 types of mattresses and our Universal Base.

      A mattress, which should be part of the Cloud Collection, must have a unique function and fulfill certain requirements.

      We have chosen the different mattresses so that the function will fit the purpose, the quality will be right and a choice from a high to a lower price range can be offered.

       Each mattress must have a strong, durable core that is reliable for its use for years to come. The fabric must be well sewn, easy to care for and hard-wearing. Study the features and compare each of our Cloud Collection mattresses.

 Do not be fooled by our low prices, the mattresses are all high quality.  Our prices are a product of years of shopping experience and investment in the purchase of good goods. Invest in a cloud collection product you can count on.


       Invest in a Cloud Collection Product for value and comfort you can rely on.

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