Check out the  TOWN & COUNTRY CHIC COLLECTION and create your own unique piece!!

We enjoy designing furniture together with our customers to create dream spaces. By taking advantage of the possibilities of the TOWN & COUNTRY COLLECTION, dreams can come true. For this reason, in the TOWN & COUNTRY COLLECTION we offer over 700 models of pine or oak furniture in 82 different finishes. The TOWN & COUNTRY COLLECTION is a creation of classic and modern design that can be found all over the world, such as Regency, Nordic and Shutter.Combine the design with 82 finishes in colors inspired by the beauty of nature, such as sky blue and autumn leaves, as well as finishes that highlight the natural wood grain of the furniture to create a rewarding environment.

Urban Chic Collection

There are more than 45 different designs available with hundreds of color combinations, including 320 different pieces of furniture which you can design.

You choose the surface color and we deliver according to your request.

The Urban Chic collection is made from 100% solid pine wood and many of the pieces have a choice of a solid oak top or an zinc-top.

You are able to create your unique piece with quality materials for an affordable price.