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 Vizon Pillow Mattress  Vizon Pillow Mattress

  • Vizon Pillow Top 28 cm Tall Mattress.
  • The perfect choice for those who prefer a fully orthopedic and spring system supported mattress.
  •      You will get a healthy and comfortable sleep with a Vizon pillow top  mattress which is made of fully conforming foam as well as bonel spring system.
  • The developed technology of Air Comfort Extra mattresses help to distribute the weight of the body evenly throughout the mattress.
  • The body gets a peaceful and healty sleep with the added support of springs.

King Size     $648

Queen          $545

Full               $468

Twin            $349

90x200       $349

80x200      $349


 Use a  15% discount offer for a King Or Queen Size  VIZON matress when buying one of our beds.